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JPLegal are Divorce Lawyers that represent clients experiencing a breakdown of their marriage or relationship.

First and foremost, JPLegal Divorce Lawyers aim to resolve Family Law matters for their clients in the most cost effective and swift manner whilst holding above all else, their client’s best interests as the number one driving force behind any dispute resolution. We are Family law specialists that make a genuine effort to explore all areas of primary dispute resolution before making an application to the Court.

In the event that both parties cannot agree to a financial settlement which is satisfactory, an application for a property settlement can be made to the Court. The law sets out a 4 step process for the Court to follow and which is designed to engineer a just and equitable outcome for both parties to a marriage or relationship breakdown. We will guide you through this process representing only your best interests. Contact JPLegal Divorce Lawyers today to find out more.

Binding Financial Agreements or ‘Pre nups’

Binding Financial Agreements can be drafted before, during or after a marriage or de facto relationship has ended. Once prepared and signed by both parties, this agreement is legally binding and acts to protect or to separate the assets of both parties.

These agreements are useful especially when there are considerable assets to protect or to separate. To find out more about these agreements including pre nuptial agreements, contact us today.

Spousal Maintenance

In the event of a breakdown of a marriage or the dissolution of a de facto relationship, a spouse with sufficient means may have the responsibility of financially assisting their former spouse that cannot meet their own reasonable expenses from their own income or assets. Contact JPLegal Divorce Lawyers today for more information on Spousal Maintenance.

De Facto Relationship Breakdown

A de facto relationship breakdown can carry legal ramifications in terms of how both parties assets are to be divided. The law relating to de facto relationships is very similar to the law which applies to marital relationships.