Family Law

Child Maintenance and Support

It is incumbent on both parents to be financially responsible for their child.
Child Support is generally paid and received by parties via the Child Support Agency (“CSA”). Contact us today for more information.

Parenting Issues

The primary focus of any parenting dispute is the best interests of the child(ren). The law encourages both parents to have a meaningful relationship with their child(ren) and to equally share the responsibility of raising their child(ren). Contact us today to find out more.

Child Relocation

JPLegal has represented both mother’s and father’s wishing to either relocate interstate or overseas with their child(ren) and has equally also represented mother’s and father’s wishing to stop their child(ren) from moving interstate or overseas. The best method in dealing with such disputes is for both parties to negotiate satisfactory arrangements without the need for the Courts intervention. In the event that this is not possible, both Statute and Common Law set out a criteria to be considered by a Court in making their decision. Contact us today for more information.